16th Austrian IT Security Day | 16 October 2019 | Messe Klagenfurt

On 16 October 2019, the 16th Austrian IT Security Day took place at Messe Klagenfurt in cooperation with “Kärntner Messen”.

There were 9 lectures on the following topics:

  • The challenge of decentralised digitisation for SMEs
  • Risk perception and human (ir)rationality
  • What to do in case of a cyber emergency? Hotline, cyber insurance or solve it yourself?
  • Smartcards in Multi-Devices and Multi-Usecase Environments
  • From network analysis to application protection
  • IT security of production systems
  • Current case law on e-commerce
  • Online trading: Typical risks and their distribution
  • Network and Information Security

Two hacking demos:

  • Networks are dangerous and funny too 😉
  • Digitalization madness – view into the digital divide

10 Exhibitors:

  • Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt | TEWI
  • Anexia
  • Attingo Datenrettung GmbH
  • Industrial Automation GmbH
  • Joanneum Research
  • NTS Netzwerk Telekom Service AG
  • RGE GmbH
  • Stadtwerke Klagenfurt AG
  • Technikon Forschungs- und Planungsgesellschaft mbH

130 satisfied participants are already looking forward to the next IT Security Day in autumn 2020 at FH Salzburg at the Urstein campus in Puch/Salzburg.

StudienassistentIn gesucht !!!!

Die Informatikwerkstatt der AAU Klagenfurt sucht eine Studienassistentin bzw. einen Studienassistenten zur Erstellung von Security-Lehrinhalten für Sekundarstufe I und II.

Bearbeitung im Rahmen einer BA- bzw. MA-Arbeit (UF Informatik, ggf. auch Angewandte Informatik) möglich.

Bei Interesse bitte Kontakt mit Andreas Bollin (andreas [dot] bollin [at] aau [dot] at) oder Peter Schartner (peter [dot] schartner [at] aau [dot] at) aufnehmen.

15th Austrian IT Security Day

On 14 November 2018, the 15th Austrian IT Security Day took place in cooperation with the FH Salzburg at the Urstein campus in Puch/Salzburg.

  • The risk sits BEFORE the screen
  • Risks in the Cloud
  • Mobile e-ID – Secure Identity Management in the Mobile Age
  • Safety aspects with regard to IoT
  • Selected questions on the DSGVO and the DSG
  • Liability of the Data Protection Officer
  • Attack scenarios for “Pl4yB00k_101”
  • Car Hacking – Target Auto

There were 120 satisfied participants who are already looking forward to the next Safety Day in autumn 2019 at Klagenfurt Messe!

Tutors searched!

Tutors searched!

The “System Safety Laboratory” is looking for a Tutor for the academic year 2018/2019.


  • Laboratory completed
  • No worries about JavaCard (and the students’ problems)
  • English language skills


  • Assistance with programming tasks (in particular at the JavCard- and Smartphone-exercise)

If you are interested, please send your job application to Peter Schartner.