Decoration of Honour of the Province of Carinthia for Univ.-Prof. Gerhard Friedrich

For his special services as a professor and in particular as the longstanding Dean of the Faculty of Technical Sciences at the University of Klagenfurt, Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Gerhard Friedrich was awarded the Decoration of Honour of the Province of Carinthia by Governor Dr. Peter Kaiser on 18 July 2022 in the Mirror Hall of the Carinthian Provincial Government.

Mr Friedrich has worked persistently and highly successfully for a focus of Carinthia as an educational, scientific and business location in the field of technical sciences and digitalisation. Particularly noteworthy in this context is his great commitment in the field of artificial intelligence applications. In addition, he was able to successfully promote and expand networking between the Austrian economy and the University of Klagenfurt. Thanks to his initiative and tireless efforts, a significant expansion of the technical sciences in terms of personnel and content has been achieved, especially in the area of cybersecurity and modular robot systems.

During his tenure, among other things, the computer science workshop, the establishment of a drone hall, the establishment of the Silicon Austria Lab (SAL) and successful and promising cooperations with the research institution Joanneum Research, newly settled in Carinthia, were created. He has consistently pursued the orientation of the Faculty of Technical Sciences towards international visibility and scientific excellence, thus enabling highly gratifying results in the university rankings.

We warmly congratulate Univ.-Prof. Gerhard Friedrich!


Governor Peter Kaiser presents the Decoration of Honour of the Province of Carinthia to Gerhard Friedrich | Photo: LPD Kärnten/Eggenberger

The 34rd International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE) was organized in Leuven, Belgium by the KU Leuven and the University of Ghent from June 5-10, 2022.

Franziska Hollauf, BSc. presented the paper Time-Cost Tradeoffs for Composed Services. A video recording of the presentation is available here:

Hollauf, Franziska S., Marco Franceschetti, and Johann Eder. “Time-Cost Tradeoffs for Composed Services.” International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering. Springer, Cham, 2022.


Time and cost are crucial criteria in Service Level Agreements. Frequently, the time when and how long a service can be provided or used and the cost for utilizing a service are related and hence users are confronted with a trade-off between time and cost. Besides the fundamental direct and indirect proportional relationship between time and cost, composed services might also have more complex non-monotonic relationships. We introduce a novel way of expressing the trade-offs between time and cost in form of TC-Maps as a set of piece-wise linear functions. For calculating the duration, cost and their relation for service compositions, we introduce specific operations used in a bottom-up procedure resulting in an overall TC-Map. The proposed structure allows us to derive the minimum cost of a composed service given a duration limit, or for analyzing possible durations for a provided budget. TC-Maps offer the basis for optimizing the utilization of composed services according to user preferences, resources and objectives.

Two research teams from the University of Klagenfurt remain in the running to be “Clusters of Excellence”

As recently announced by the Austrian Science Fund FWF, eleven teams have reached the final stage of selection for “Cluster of Excellence” funding. The decisions on Austria’s future beacons of basic research will be made in early 2023. The eleven consortia include the “Multi-drone Systems” cluster initiated and led by the University of Klagenfurt, as well as the “Bilateral Artificial Intelligence” project, which feature scientists from Klagenfurt on their Board of Directors.

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