News published by the University of Klagenfurt concerning the Faculty of Humanities

Game Studies and Engineering: It’s the passion that drives me

After achieving a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering at IIIT Una, India, Shivi Vats decided to come to Klagenfurt to continue studying with the master’s programme Games Studies and Engineering. In this interview he talks about why one should study at AAU and what advantages Klagenfurt has over a big city like Delhi, India.

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From Cape Town to Klagenfurt: In conversation with advertising photographer Daniel Waschnig

Daniel Waschnig originally comes from Cape Town in South Africa but has been living and working in Klagenfurt for 10 years. The advertising photographer holds a bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications and is currently studying for a master’s degree in Media and Convergence Management. He tells us how his studies helped him to turn his hobby into his profession, what it means to be an advertising photographer and what still connects him to the AAU today.

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Game Studies and Engineering: Studying in an enthusiastic and balanced teaching environment

When he started to study, all he thought of were career prospects not personal interest. Fortunately, Benjamin Hanußek soon realised that it takes more than that and so, the German switched his studies from Economic Psychology to Archaeology. Gladly, because there he found out about his true passion: working intellectually with games. He specialised on ancient Egyptian board games, attended conferences and published articles on that topic. Now, to find out about what has changed since the 3rd millennium BCE, he is studying Game Studies and Engineering in Klagenfurt.

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“The Internet has given us new narrative stages.”

Stories have been told throughout the existence of humankind. While audiences were somewhat limited until the 2000s, thanks to the Internet, virtually the whole world is now available to practically anyone as a potential listener. In her research, Christina Schachtner, professor emeritus at the Department of Media and Communication Studies at the University of Klagenfurt, is particularly interested in the “narrative subject”. Now, her book bearing the same title has been published as an open access book in the English language. In an interview with her, we discuss the tragedies and comedies that are performed in virtual space.

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Analysis and critical examination of images of popular culture: Visual Culture is a future topic

Today, visual media have a greater impact than ever before – they inspire, manipulate, generate emotions and spread faster than ever before. Visual skills are increasingly becoming a key qualification. Michaela Mak has chosen to study the master’s programme Visual Culture. In this interview, the art and culture enthusiast from Finkenstein tells us why she chose the programme and why Klagenfurt, in particular, is convincing.

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Studying History: Every epoch has its own “magic”

Maximilian Happerger is studying in the English and History to become a teacher. The 24-year-old from St. Veit talks to us about his studies, funny anecdotes and the beginning of studying. In this interview, he tells us how his view of the world has changed through his studies and why Graz and Krems were not the right places for him.

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Applied Cultural Studies in Klagenfurt: Socially critical and diverse

Maria Kravanja, 21 years old from Villach, studies Applied Cultural Studies (AKuWi) at the University of Klagenfurt. She already spoke to us about her life in her self-constructed Tiny House in an interview. As a First Generation Student, she is the first one to study in her family. She talks to us about the path that led her to study, her professional goal of becoming a scientist and tells us what advice she would like to give to freshers who do not have an academic family background.

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Moving to Klagenfurt to study: Two cities where you feel at home

The Upper Austrian Katharina Zarembach came to Klagenfurt via detours. Now she is enjoying the bachelor’s programme Media and Communications here. She has advice for you on how to choose the right place to study and how to start your studies in the best way.

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Studying History and Slavonic studies: “The experience you can gain here is priceless!“

The Carinthian Denise Branz has Slovenian roots. That was one of the reasons for her to study History and Slavonic Studies at the AAU. When asked why she didn’t decide to study to become a teacher, she laughs: “I am simply not a teacher”. In this interview, she tells us what particularly excites her about her studies and why the excursions to Tunisia and Libya will remain in her memory.

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Claudia Felsberger: Ich wollte schon immer Medienwissenschaften studieren

Unsere Absolventin Claudia Felsberger ist Redakteurin bei Futter, dem jungen Magazin der Kleinen Zeitung. Schon zu Schulzeiten war für sie klar: Sie will Medienwissenschaften studieren und ein Auslandssemester machen. Diese Bedingungen erfüllte die Universität Klagenfurt und so absolvierte sie Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaften sowie Anglistik- und Amerikanistik im Bachelor und Media and Convergence Management im Master. Bereits zu Studienzeiten begann Sie für die Kleine Zeitung zu arbeiten. Read more