Bibliothek - Under Construction Symbol | Grafik: Andrea Bem (UB)

Building site in reading room on level 3 (noise disturbance)

To protect the reading room and the books on its open shelves from heavy rain, the drains in the ceiling of the reading room (above the bookshelves) have to be secured and insulated. Work in progress between 11.10.2022 and the end of October.

During this time, higher noise levels are to be expected; in addition, certain shelves will not be accessible at short notice.

Please contact the information desk if you need a book from those shelves. Please DON’T enter the closed-off sections! Please DON’T cross the barriers!

Thank you for your understanding.


For questions, contact us during the loan desk’s regular opening hours.

Tel.: +43 463 2700 9580,
E-Mail: schalter [dot] bibliothek [at] aau [dot] at