Discover the most beautiful places to get away from it all in Italy and Slovenia

Both Northern Italy and Slovenia are incredibly diverse and absolutely stunning. Whether you’re looking for a beach holiday, a city break, or simply the perfect hideaway: Slovenia and Italy should definitely be on your bucket list. There is guaranteed to be something for everyone here. Here are our favourite places to visit:

Ljubljana – Slovenia’s capital city

Less than an hour’s drive from Klagenfurt brings you to the capital of Slovenia – Ljubljana: a small, charismatic and trendy city. Bars and restaurants line the river; the pedestrianised, picturesque city centre is packed with independent shops, cafés and boutique hotels. Lovers can fasten a padlock to the “Mesarski most”, the Bridge of Love (though it translates literally as “Butcher’s Bridge”). Keen sightseers can visit the castle on the hill above the historic centre, which offers a magnificent view of the town spread out below. All year round there are numerous international concerts and festivals featuring well-known artists. Our verdict: Ljubljana is a great insider’s tip when it comes to city breaks in Europe!


Portorož & Piran – two idyllic coastal towns on the Slovenian Adriatic Sea

The picturesque coastal towns of Portorož and Piran are the perfect place to enjoy a weekend on the Slovenian Adriatic coast. Portorož is a great place to stroll along the promenade, savour an ice cream and enjoy a taste of the sea. The town has a large marina, superb beach bars and a range of attractive hotels and private accommodation. Besides, Portorož is also perfect for enjoying a spa break, as it has its own thermal baths in the town. You should definitely include a trip to Piran in your itinerary. Piran will enchant you with its Venetian-Mediterranean flair, and everywhere you go you will find charming cafés and restaurants serving delicious food tucked away in the narrow lanes. So, hop into your car and head off to Portorož and Piran. We believe that spontaneous trips are the best!


Udine – dolce vita in northern Italy

Sunshine, cappuccino and the Italian dolce vita. What more could you ask for? Udine, a mere 1.5 hour drive from Klagenfurt, radiates delightful charm. In the Piazza San Giacomo in the city centre, surrounded by beautiful historical buildings, you can enjoy a coffee in the warm Italian sunshine and observe the lively Italian hustle and bustle before you venture further into the old town for a spot of shopping – here you will find a variety of boutiques, international fashion houses and jewellery shops. Afterwards, be sure to stroll across the Piazza della Liberta to the Castello di Udine. The castle is located atop a small hill overlooking Udine. It offers a great view across the red rooftops of the town. The lawns here invite you to relax, listen to music, have a picnic and soak up the sun. For us, a day trip to Udine is pure bliss every time!


Trieste – imperial flair and party life on the Adriatic coast

A city break in Italy? It doesn’t always have to be Florence, Venice or Rome, because Trieste, the seaport on the Italian Adriatic, also has a lot to offer and is definitely worth a visit – it’s best to stay for the weekend. The city’s main square, Piazza dell’Unitá d’Italia, is lined with magnificent buildings. This is the ultimate spot to sip a cappuccino and enjoy some Italian “dolce far niente”. Further along the Grand Canal you will find numerous bars and restaurants. Perfect for an aperitif. Trieste’s vibrant nightlife also has a lot to offer, as the streets of the town are a hive of activity in the evenings: Italians get together outdoors in front of the countless bars and enjoy (live) music. If you are up for some sightseeing on the following day, you can visit the Castello di Miramare or spend some time shopping in Trieste.


Lignano Sabbiadoro – sun, beach, sea, pizza and ice cream

Pure beach and holiday feeling, that’s what Lignano Sabbiadoro is all about! Sun loungers and parasols along the sandy beach as far as the eye can see. You can grab a midday snack, an espresso or a thirst-quenching drink at any of the tiny beach bars. Our tip: Head for the red lighthouse! It’s located at the easternmost point of Liganano Sabbiadoro. This is where you’ll find a really cool beach bar. If you hear a bell ringing anywhere on the beach and the shouts of “gelato, gelato”, you should hurry to get yourself an icy treat from the ice-cream cart that passes along the beach several times a day. Lignano Sabbiadoro is also a true shopper’s paradise. There are countless shops, cafés and restaurants on Viale Centrale, the lively shopping area and boulevard in Lignano. Young and old alike can be found here until late in the evening. The bars stay open until the small hours and all the party animals can head to one of the clubs afterwards to enjoy a good time. By the way, Lignano is a great place to explore by bike. So, pack your bags and head south!