All You Need to Know About Coaching – Theory, Research and Practice

Eva-Maria Graf from the English Department will be hosting an event dedicated entirely to coaching and (linguistic) coaching research at the University of Klagenfurt on June 24, 2019

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Eva-Maria Graf is a coach, trainer and a professor of applied linguistics. Her research has contributed substantially to establishing German-speaking (linguistic) coaching research (see also: At the event, she will be presenting her recently published book The Pragmatics of Executive Coaching (2019, John Benjamins). It is the first linguistic monograph dedicated to (executive) coaching. Also, she will be giving a first-hand insight into the origins and the developments within the (German-speaking) coaching research field focussing especially on (qualitative) process research.


Coaching is a helping professional format which has been gaining influence as an instrument of personal and organisational development not only in business contexts, but also in academic contexts at universities. The research-based and practice-oriented event aims to familiarise researchers, scholars, university employees and students with coaching as a helping format; as a tool that they may themselves utilise for professional or personal development as well as for career, leadership or life choices.


Coaching as an object of research is a new, developing (interdisciplinary) field. Researchers from disciplines such as linguistics, psychology, pedagogy, but also economic sciences contribute to it in terms of outcome and process research. Coaching research unites quantitative, qualitative and mixed-methods approaches and is characterised by its close ties to practice and practitioners. This is the reason why most of the scholars presenting at the event are also active as coaches and trainers.


The goal of “All You Need to Know about Coaching – Theory, Research and Practice” is making participants acquainted with coaching as a booming helping professional format from a variety of academic viewpoints. While presenting its current state of the art, it also aims to build a bridge between research and practice, encouraging an exchange between the two. The day-long event includes talks by national and international experts on a variety of topics and a workshop (see programme). Registrations at coaching [at] aau [dot] at are necessary to take part in the workshop (though it is almost fully booked by now). The event is free of charge and talks may be attended individually and without registration.


When: June 24, from 9am to 5pm
Where: Stiftungssaal O.0.01

More information: see programme or: