TeilnehmerInnen des 4th Venice-Klagenfurt Workshop | Foto: aau

4th Venice-Klagenfurt Workshop on “Modeling, Simulation, Optimization in Business and Economics”

Researchers from Venice and Klagenfurt came together last week for a joint workshop within the scope of the recently initiated doctoral degree program.

The fourth “Venice-Klagenfurt Workshop” took place from the 15th to the 16th of December 2016: Young academics studying under Paolo Pellizzari and Marco Tolotti from the University Ca’ Foscari as well as students supervised by Reinhard Neck, Gerald Reiner, Paul Schweinzer and Friederike Wall (AAU) introduced and discussed their projects. The event was organized as part of the doctoral degree program “Modeling, Simulation, Optimization in Business and Economics”.

The doctoral students enrolled in this program are working on the further development and application of mathematical and computer-aided methods in order to facilitate the comprehension and – if possible – the improved configuration of complex correlations in business and management.

This represented the first occasion on which the workshop was held within the scope of the doctoral degree program, thus allowing for an expansion, both of the AAU professorships involved, and of the thematic focus. The previous three iterations of the workshop focused on the Department of Controlling and Strategic Management, in terms of AAU participation (including, on one occasion, representatives of the Department of Networked and Embedded Systems). The only topic addressed so far had consisted of agent-based simulation. Starting in 2011, the workshops were hosted in Klagenfurt and Venice, alternately.

The next workshop – to be held once again within the scope of the doctoral degree program – is expected to take place in Venice in 2017.