ICS – Keynote & Paper Presentation – FSDE 2020

From 25th – 27th November the  “International Conference on Future Data and Security Engineering (FDSE)” has taken place.

The conference was hosted by the  Quy Nhon University, Binh Dinh, Vietnam. Because of the Covid 19 pandemic it was organized as online conference.

O.Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Johann Eder was invited to talk as one of the Keynote-Speakers about “Data Quality for Medical Data Lakelands”.

“Medical research requires biological material and data. Medical
studies based on data with unknown or questionable quality are
useless or even dangerous, as evidenced by recent examples of withdrawn
studies. Medical data sets consist of highly sensitive personal data,
which has to be protected carefully and is only available for research
after approval of ethics committees. These data sets, therefore, cannot
be stored in central data warehouses or even in a common data lake
but remain in a multitude of data lakes, which we call Data Lakelands.
An example for such a Medical Data Lakelands are the collections of
samples and their annotations in the European federation of biobanks
(BBMRI-ERIC).We discuss the quality dimensions for data sets for medical
research and the requirements for providers of data sets in terms of
both quality of meta-data and meta-data of data quality documentation
with the aim to support researchers to effectively and efficiently identify
suitable data sets for medical studies.”


Publication: J. Eder, V. Shekhovtsov: Data Quality for Medical Data Lakelands
In: T. K. Dang et al. (Eds.): FDSE 2020, LNCS 12466, Springer Nature Switzerland, 2020, pp. 1–16