Women of Math_Roswitha Rissner I (c) Christina Supanz

Women of Mathematics: Roswitha Rissner

Country: Austria

Affiliation: Universität Klagenfurt, Austria

Field of Research: modules and algebras over commutative rings, polynomials and polynomial functions, linear algebra over commutative rings, matrix normal forms, non-unique factorizations



1.) Why did you choose this formula?

It is one of my favourite results among those which state that an abstract and complicated-looking object has a beautiful structure, meaning that it is a composition of some of its pieces.


2.) What made you decide to study Mathematics?

When I checked which courses the universities in my home town offered, I stumbled across mathematics. I didn’t give it much thought and I definitely didn’t know what was awaiting me! It sounded interesting and challenging, so I just gave it a try.


3.) What do you like so much about Mathematics?

When I am working on a problem and trying to find a solution, I often get fully wrapped up in the task. I am completely focused and almost nothing can distract me. It’s like every piece of me is involved in the process.


4.) How does Mathematics influence our lives on a daily basis?

I believe to some extent that we all think mathematically in everyday life. For example, when there are decisions to make, it is often the case that we try to analyse the situation first, talk to people and gather information to figure out our best options before we make a choice.


5.) What advice would you give future mathematicians to help them on their way?

Besides studying the existing theories and methods, doing mathematics can be a very creative process. You can do experiments, let your ideas flow, make conjectures and discuss with other people. Finding the solution to a problem can be fun!