Two new papers, photo: Sommer U.

Two new papers from the Department of Public, Nonprofit and Health Care Management

Two new papers from our department have been published in „Public Management Review“ and „Public Administration“.

The first paper is about „Contrasting and explaining purposeful and legitimizing uses of performance information: a mayor’s perspective“ and is published in the „Public Management Review“. The authors are Sanja Korac, Iris Saliterer (University of Freiburg), Mariafrancesca Sicilia (Bocconi University) and Ileana Steccolini (Essex University). The study looks at purposeful and legitimizing types of performance information use in local governments. Drawing on a survey of Austrian mayors who are at the politico-administrative apex of local government, the paper shows that purposeful and legitimizing uses of performance information coexist, but they appear to be negatively associated.

The other paper „How politicians use performance information in a budgetary context – new insights from the central government level“ authored by Iris Saliterer (University of Freiburg), Sanja Korac, Birgit Moser and Paolo Rondo-Brovetto looks at performance information use by legislators at the central level in a budgetary context. The multi-method approach (interviews, quantative and qualitative analysis of plenary speeches held during budget readings) allows drawing a broader picture of the use of performance information. The findings provide new insights into different purposes of performance information use. This article is published in the journal „Public Administration“.