Karrierewege goes international

„This was very helpful, insightful, and encouraging!“

On April 15, another edition of the „Karrierewege“ event took place. Due to the situation with COVID-19, our alumni met via Livestream. This time, the panel discussion was dedicated to the topic of career paths of international alumni. International graduates reported on their career start in Austria/USA/UK, their practical experience, and gave students individual tips and advice for their career planning. Markus Baurecht, chairman of the ÖH Klagenfurt/Celovec, led through the evening.


Daniel Zawarczynski
Deputy Trade Commissioner
Austrian Trade Commission New York, USA

Elena Smirnova
Regional Manager South Caucasus and Republic Moldova
Hilfswerk International, Vienna, Austria

Isabell Proschak
Marketing Campaign Manager
ebay, London, UK

Samira Hayat
Project Researcher
Lakeside Labs, Klagenfurt

Svenja Diegelmann
Research and Teaching Assistant
Department of Marketing & International Management, AAU


Some advice of the evening:

Does it matter to recruiters if someone takes longer to finish their educational degree? No, it´s important that you finish it. It only shows that you lived while you were studying. Studying is not a highway 🙂

Any advice for internationals who want to stay in Austria and work? First of all, learn german, this is so important and definitely an advantage. Second gain local certifications and diplomas. Also, build up a network. You need personal connections to people, they will help you to find internships, jobs, and so on. Engage with activities, volunteer, do sports, and stable these connections, they`ll help you in the future.

Try to use every possibility. Internships, volunteering, educational, or exchange programmes. And don’t be afraid to apply for many different positions. Use every chance and don’t let yourself down, if you get a rejection.

Find your passion, don`t be afraid of certain circumstances. People look for personalities; so express your passion and desire, and you`ll get there. Once you find it, nothing stops you, and this is from my personal experience!


That was very helpful, insightful, and encouraging! Markus H.

Thank you so much for organizing the event and the speakers for their valuable advice! – Sarah, K.

I will definitely use the tips I got from this event. Thanks a lot for giving us an insight of your working experience. Very insightful and helpful! – Jack, T.