Rijad Gërguri in our interview about the University of Klagenfurt Technology Scholarship

Rijad applied for Technology Scholarship as soon as he heard about it. Now, he is a scholarship holder and studies Informatics at the University of Klagenfurt. He talked with us about his motivation to study at the University of Klagenfurt and the internship he is doing at Ilogs- Information Logistics GmbH.

Tell us something about yourself, where do you come from, what do you study at the University of Klagenfurt? Write a short story.

I am Rijad Gërguri and I come from Fushë Kosova, a city in the Republic of Kosovo. I have finished my Bachelor studies at the University of Prishtina where I had the chance to gain substantial knowledge in the field of Computer Engineering. After the graduation, I paused for a year to gain practical experience, and immediately after I heard about the Technology Scholarship grant, I applied. A short period after I got the information that I won the scholarship, I started my studies in the Master‘s degree programme in Informatics with a specialization in Software Engineering. In addition to my studies, I am also working in a software development company in Klagenfurt called iLogs, where I am about to finish my internship. Nonetheless, after continuous successful completion of new features and assigned tasks, the managing director offered me an extension and I am looking forward to continuing to work and learn in the company.

Why did you decide on your desired study program? Was it clear from the beginning what you want to study? Why did you choose the University of Klagenfurt for your Master’s degree programme?

After I got the title Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering at the University of Prishtina from the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, I was determined that I want to pursue my Master’s degree in a field related to it. Solving challenging problems and creating software that eases the operations of our daily life were some of my main motivations. While I was searching for a university, I was attracted by the Master’s degree programme of the University of Klagenfurt, which was structured as a combination of theoretical and practical courses. Learning the theory and then creating projects related to it helps students to reinforce their knowledge. I liked this kind of mixture, but I also appreciated the integration of an internship as part of the curriculum. In general, it is very important for students to work during their studies, hence using theoretical knowledge in practice. That was one of the most important reasons to apply at the University of Klagenfurt.

Has your view of the world changed through your studies? If yes, how?

State-of-the-art topics that are related to emerging technology branches like Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Data Engineering, and Internet of Things have helped me a lot to see their importance in our daily life, especially, in this COVID-19 crisis. Studies and life during COVID-19 pandemic were different than I expected. Everyone had to start remotely and get used to online lectures and classes. In my opinion, online lectures went pretty well, even better than I expected. In the past I thought that online lectures will affect the quality of the overall course, but it seems like that is not the case – at least not for me personally. It was quite easy to adapt and get used to this format – and all that due to technology! However, adapting to the city and everyday life in COVID-19  conditions was not that easy. There were several restrictions, but fortunately, things have changed, and everything has returned to normal. Therefore, making it possible to travel around Austria and to get to know the culture and people.

You are a Technology Scholarships holder. How is that for you? In what ways did you benefit from the scholarship?

I am glad and fortunate to be a Technology Scholarship holder. The scholarship has helped me a lot during my studies. I was able to cover all my expenses with the provided funds. However, I have not only earned financially but also professionally. Thanks to scholarship, I have had the chance to take a German language course to improve and strengthen my German language skills. In addition, the Technology Scholarship staff has helped me to find the internship and get in touch with iLogs where I was interviewed and employed.

Tell us a little bit more about your internship experience (Where are doing your internship? For how long have you been working there? Which task do/did you have to do?, etc.).

I have started my internship in August 2021, in a local company in Klagenfurt called iLogs – Information Logistics GmbH. The internship is quite interesting because I am working on a product in the field of telematics used by many companies across Europe. The product offers a wide range of features including but not limited to: digital driving log, digital steering protocol, GPS live tracking, reporting, geofences, etc. During my internship as a full-stack developer, I have been working in the geofences module where I had to integrate, create reports from generated data, and optimize it. While creating new features I am also analyzing the product and learning from the source code written by experienced developers. Doing the internship with very well-known technologies and the widely used product has enhanced my skills in software engineering.

Would you also recommend other prospective students to apply for the Technology Scholarships? Can you tell us why?

Absolutely! I think it is a great opportunity for all those students who want a life balance between studies, work, and leisure time. As a scholarship holder, you do not need to think any more about finances since you can cover all necessary expenses with the provided funds. Furthermore, the staff is friendly, helpful, and collaborative. They have assisted me through the entire student-visa application and have done their best to answer as soon as possible all inquiries that I had related to my studies. On the other hand, the courses and lecturers provide up-to-date materials, therefore, making it easier for students to learn the latest used technologies. Furthermore, the library inside the university is quite rich, it contains books from different fields of information technology, and the environment inside is modern and attractive to read and study.

What are your future plans and goals?

In the near future, I will mainly be focused on my studies and the part-time work at iLogs. Then, after I finish my master’s thesis, I would like to give my contribution to the educational system, maybe as a teaching assistant. However, I am tightly bound with software engineering, and I am eager to work in a fast-paced environment, where I can help companies create innovative and high-quality solutions by using the best software engineering practices.

Word Rap:

My first day at the University of Klagenfurt was… unusual

My first day as an intern was… interesting

I am inspired by… challenges

Being a scholarship holder is… an honor

My studies in 3 words… valuable, voluminous, different