Eva Krassnitzer

New perspectives: Talking about the Master’s Degree Programme Game Studies and Engineering

The University of Klagenfurt offers the master’s program Game Studies and Engineering. The interdisciplinary program focuses on technical, analytical and ethical aspects of video and analog games. Every year, students from a wide variety of countries around the world begin their studies in Klagenfurt. Eva Krassnitzer has been part of the program since its establishment in 2017 and has shared her impressions and experiences with us.

Why did you join the Game Studies and Engineering master’s programme? What was your motivation to begin?

I decided to study Game Studies and Engineering because I found the thought of being one of the very first to study this new Master’s programme very thrilling. Furthermore, I love games.

What do you like most about Game Studies and Engineering?

Studying games, I have met some really cool new people. It’s interesting to learn about the gaming industry and the concepts behind game development. And I especially like how we have to play games for some courses. Whether they are board games, real life adventure games like escape rooms, or video games.

What do you want to do professionally after you graduate? In what kind of field do you want to work?

As I studied in the teacher’s training programme beforehand, I would like to create my very own learning-based games for use in education. I also want to help to change the often very negative image of videogames and bring them to good use in the everyday classroom.

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