Verantwortung Erde

Die Klimamanipulation verantwortlich kommunizieren?

Matzner, Nils; Barben, Daniel (2020): Climate Engineering as a Communication Challenge: Contested Notions of Responsibility Across Expert Arenas of Science and Policy 42 (1). In: Science Communication, 107554701989940. DOI: 10.1177/1075547019899408.

Die Technologien von Climate Engineering (CE) oder Geoengineering versprechen eine Alternative gegen den globalen Klimawandel darzustellen. Da diese Technologien mir vielen Risiken verbunden sind, ist eine verantwortliche Kommunikation geboten. Diese neue Studie untersucht, wie ExpertInnen die verschiedenen Verantwortungsproblematiken um CE diskutieren. Die Analyse einer vielzahl von ExpertInnen-Dokumenten hat die großen Herausforderungen verantworlicher Forschung und Entwicklung von CE gezeigt.


Climate engineering (CE) is often said to bring about significant opportunities as well as risks. The pursuit of CE measures can be framed as either responsible or irresponsible, resulting in contentious and ambiguous communication. This article starts out from a notion of responsibility regarding subjects, objects, norms, and authorities. It will identify and analyze discursive patterns of responsibility across six expert arenas and provide a comparative mapping of these patterns. Better understanding controversy may help in finding common ground for designing research and policy strategies around CE. Taking on the challenges of communicating CE-related responsibilities would support CE governance.