Neuerscheinung u. a. von Dr. Peter Jordan: Place-Name Politics in Multilingual Areas

Place-Name Politics in Multilingual Areas –  A Comparative Study of Southern Carinthia (Austria) and the Těšín/Cieszyn Region (Czechia)

Authors: Jordan, P., Mácha, P., Balode, M., Krticka, L., Obrusnik, U., Pilch, P., Sancho Reinoso, A.

About this book:
This book explores the role of place names in the formation and maintenance of individual and group identities in multilingual and multi-ethnic situations. Using examples from Austria and Czechia as case studies, the authors examine the power of place names through an interdisciplinary and multi-methods approach that draws from the fields of anthropology, geography, sociolinguistics and toponomastics. The book contextualises both places within their social and political histories, and probes recent debates in the social sciences relating to place names, identity and power. It will be of interest to scholars and students focusing on place names and naming practices, minority communities and languages, and linguistic landscapes.