International Summer School on the Philosophy, History, and Sociology of Particle Physics (Wuppertal, 23–30 July 2018)

The DFG/FWF research group “The Epistemology of the Large Hadron Collider” has organised a summer school that draws upon interdisciplinary perspectives of past, present and future particle physics. The summer school features keynotes from physics, philosophy, sociology and history, including Prof. Martina Merz (AAU), and a series of working groups. There will be 30 international participants from advanced students to early-career researchers.

Helene Sorgner and Sophie Ritson have organised and will lead a working group on contemporary perspectives on practices in high-energy physics. The working group is dedicated to exploring the recent approaches developed from a practice-oriented perspective in science and technology studies, and history and philosophy of science. This presents an opportunity for participants to engage with contemporary contributions in discussions of high-energy physics, in diverse areas such as measurement practices, organisation, visual practices, and communications.

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