Eda Muka in our interview about the University of Klagenfurt Technology Scholarship

Eda Muka talked with us about her passion for informatics and IT and told us about all the benefits of the University of Klagenfurt Technology Scholarships. She also talked with us about her experience as an intern at the international company Dynatrace.

Tell us something about yourself, where do you come from, what are you studying at AAU? Write a short story.

I am Eda Muka and I come from Albania. Four years ago, when I finished high school, I was uncertain about my future career and what I wanted to be. Then I decided to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics at Epoka University in Albania. During my studies, I completed internships in several IT companies in Albania to further reinforce my knowledge. After I have finished my Bachelor’s degree programme, I came across an announcement for the University of Klagenfurt Technology Scholarships where I applied and passed all the steps successfully. Currently, I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Information Management at the University of Klagenfurt.


Why did you decide on your desired study programme? Was it clear from the beginning what you wanted to study? Why did you choose the University of Klagenfurt for your Master’s degree programme?

As a young teenager, the list of dream jobs was so long at that time. But when I had to decide what I wanted to pursue I realized that one of my passions is to be part of the IT world, while valuing my skills. Research and some references made me realize that the combination of the business field with informatics would bring me more perspectives in the future.

After completing my Bachelor’s degree, I was determined to immediately pursue a Master’s degree, which would be a continuation of my previous studies. So, I wanted to specialize more in the field of management and informatics. Luckily for me, the University of Klagenfurt offered such a Master’s degree programme and it was part of the Technology Scholarship area of studies. What more could I ask for?


Has your view of the world changed through your studies? If yes, how?

In one of the courses that I have attended, a quote was stated: I know that I know nothing. So, through my studies now I understand that there is an endless world of knowledge, and I express all my motivation to learn more and more.


You are a Technology Scholarships holder. How is that for you? In what ways did you benefit from the scholarship?

I can say that the Technology Scholarship programme is the best opportunity a student can have during the education period. Firstly, I can say that the support I received during my Technology Scholarship period and beyond that, has been outstanding. The application and selection procedure were very well structured. Thanks to being a scholarship holder, I had the opportunity to participate in the kick-off event organized by the International Office of the University, where I was introduced to some of the representatives of local companies in Klagenfurt. I can say that it was a great opportunity to broaden my professional and academic network and I had the chance to establish contacts for the internship that took place during the second semester of my studies.


Tell us a little bit more about your internship experience (Where did you complete your internship? How long did you work there? Which tasks did you have to do? etc.).

I completed my internship at an international company, Dynatrace, which is located in the Lakeside Science and Technology Park in Klagenfurt. For me it was the first time of being an intern in an international company outside of Albania. The internship lasted for a period of six months, from March to August, where I held the internship position of Business Analyst in the Digital Business department of Dynatrace. This internship period was quite challenging and very productive for me, and I learned to better understand my capabilities and my strengths for a better perspective for my future career.


Would you also encourage other prospective students to apply for the Technology Scholarships? Can you tell us why?

Definitely, I would recommend to other students to apply for this great opportunity and to experience a great educational system where they can have the chance of finding an internship in an international environment, which would be very valuable for their future. Being part of the Technology Scholarships can open the door to educational and employment opportunities.


What are your future plans and goals?

After I successfully completing my studies at the University of Klagenfurt I intend to be part of an IT company where I would like to be in the role of a Business Analyst or an IT Project Manager in the future.


Word Rap:

My first day at AAU was… enthusiastic

My first day as an intern was… impressive

I am inspired by… discovering

Being a scholarship holder is…  life-changing

My studies in 3 words… amazing, effort, motivational