Ricarda Kleine

„Change the Game“ – Talking about the Master’s Degree Programme Game Studies and Engineering

The University of Klagenfurt offers the master’s program Game Studies and Engineering. The interdisciplinary program focuses on technical, analytical and ethical aspects of video and analog games. Every year, students from a wide variety of countries around the world begin their studies in Klagenfurt. Ricarda Kleine has been part of the program since its establishment in 2017 and has shared her impressions and experiences with us.

Why did you join the Game Studies and Engineering master’s programme? What was your motivation to begin?

I joined the Master’s programme, because of its interdisciplinarity. You meet and work with very different people and I consider the diversity of approaches to games as a great enrichment for myself.

What do you like most about Game Studies and Engineering?

What I appreciate very much, is that the professors are always motivated and open-minded. There are lots of extracurricular events and workshops, like for example the Klagenfurter Game Jam or the Critical Game Labs, where we develop our own games or have academic discussions on game topics.

What do you want to do professionally after you graduate? In what kind of field do you want to work?

After the Master’s programme I would like to write a PhD thesis and, hopefully, I will find a place at a university.

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