Game Studies and Engineering: It’s the passion that drives me

After achieving a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering at IIIT Una, India, Shivi Vats decided to come to Klagenfurt to continue studying with the master’s programme Games Studies and Engineering. In this interview he talks about why one should study at AAU and what advantages Klagenfurt has over a big city like Delhi, India.


Fortress upon a Hill

The presidential inauguration commemorates the beginning of a new 4-year term of the president of the United States. By reciting the oath of office “[…] to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution”— the incoming president assumes the duty and responsibility to exercise presidential powers. While inaugural ceremonies serve to provide continuity and stability, the 59th presidential inauguration is marred by overwhelming obstacles.

Amidst growing security concerns in the aftermath of Trump supporters storming the Capitol on January 6th, 2021, Joseph Biden will take the inaugural oath under an unprecedented burden of circumstances. As the presence of the National Guard surges and fortifies Washington DC in the wake of increased threats of extremist-led violence on the presidential inauguration, Joseph Biden faces an unparalleled situation; threats of domestic terrorism coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic have tempered what would otherwise be a grandiose event of pomp and spectacle. A scarcely populated inauguration will take place instead, where most will join the celebrations virtually.

This period of daunting political division in the United States underscores the importance of Joe Biden’s inaugural address. No other time in modern American history except for the Civil War, has a message of unity, healing and reaffirming the social contract between the people and the president been so sorely needed. Biden’s inaugural address will likely adhere to traditional patterns that we have all come to know, specifically, the vision for the country moving forward, while asserting his commitment to the COVID-19 pandemic, environmental justice, the economy and racial inequality. But beyond policy initiatives, Joseph Biden’s inaugural address might well allude to the heavy task of reaching those who do not believe he is the rightly elected 46th President of the United States debunking theories of a stolen election.

Lest we forget, the smooth and peaceful transition of power has already been put to the test with claims of a stolen election. In contrast to what American tradition dictates, Trump’s refusal to attend the inauguration further perpetuates to his supporters the belief that Joe Biden is not the rightful elected president, disrupting continuity and the unifying nature of the inaugural.

By Patricia Keren

New Year’s Celebrations

Are you interested in learning more about some anglophone New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day celebrations? Start off on the right foot, and check out our most recent post on Facebook to discover some of the cultural practices that take place in the UK, Ireland, and the US around January 1st!

Game Studies and Engineering: Studying in an enthusiastic and balanced teaching environment

When he started to study, all he thought of were career prospects not personal interest. Fortunately, Benjamin Hanußek soon realised that it takes more than that and so, the German switched his studies from Economic Psychology to Archaeology. Gladly, because there he found out about his true passion: working intellectually with games. He specialised on ancient Egyptian board games, attended conferences and published articles on that topic. Now, to find out about what has changed since the 3rd millennium BCE, he is studying Game Studies and Engineering in Klagenfurt.


Linguistischer Blick auf Fragen im Coaching

Fragen sind von zentraler Bedeutung in helfenden Berufen. Ein neues Projekt unter dem Titel „Questioning Sequences in Executive Coaching“ analysiert Fragepraktiken im systemisch-lösungsorientierten berufsbezogenen Coaching. Das Forschungsteam unter der Leitung von Eva-Maria Graf, das in Österreich, Deutschland und in der Schweiz arbeitet, wird unter anderem vom österreichischen Wissenschaftsfonds FWF finanziert.


Teaching Assistant – Apply Now

Get to know a new culture, improve your language skills, and gain teaching experience by becoming a teaching assistant in one of ten exciting countries. France, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Russia, and Hungary are partner countries to Austria in the teaching assistant programme and one of them could be your new home for 7 to 10 months. As a teaching assistant, you get the opportunity to teach German as a foreign language for 12 to 16 hours per week in cooperation with the local German teachers, which gives you a chance of observing and acquiring new teaching practices while improving your own language skills and exploring a new country and culture outside of teaching hours.

For more information and your application, visit, and if you are interested in any informative events, visit

Apply by January 12, 2021, if you would like to participate in the programme for the school year 2021/2022.

Online workshop: Literature Research & Referencing

In this online workshop you will learn how to conduct literature research (library & online) and how to apply the guidelines of the author-date system of CMOS to academic papers. The workshop, which is exclusively available for students at the DoE, will take place next Wednesday, 4 November from 10 to 11.30. It will be particularly useful to students in the first semester and those with little experience in literature research and academic writing. If you would like to attend, please register by sending an email to carmen [dot] amerstorfer [at] aau [dot] at.
All participants have a chance of winning an AAU goodie bag!


Bachelorstudium Anglistik: „Ich fühle mich als Teil einer riesengroßen Uni-Familie!“

Die Wolfsbergerin Tamara Urach steht kurz vor Abschluss ihres Lehramtsstudiums Englisch und Geschichte. Sie ist so begeistert von der Englischen Sprache und Kultur, dass sie sich dazu entschlossen hat auch noch den Bachelor in Anglistik und Amerikanistik zu machen. Im Interview erzählt sie uns was sie Schönes mit der Uni Klagenfurt verbindet und warum sich Studienanfänger*innen was trauen sollten.


Vom Zufall in Literatur und Film

Matthias Klestil kam aus Bayreuth nach Klagenfurt, um hier als Postdoc-Assistent am Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik zu forschen. Aktuell interessiert er sich für Stoffe aus Literatur und Film, die sich um Versionalität und Zufall drehen. Wir haben mit Matthias Klestil darüber gesprochen, welche Wege ihn nach Klagenfurt geführt haben und was ihn an den USA fasziniert.