Annual time series data of useful work supply in Austria, Japan, United Kingdom and the USA 1900 to 2000

This download area provides a comprehensive description of the methodology used to estimate exergy and useful work time series using historical energy statistics and the complete database which contains annual time series data for the development of primary exergy inputs and useful work supply by energy carrier and use group for the countries Austria, Japan, United Kingdom and USA for the period 1900-2000. Data are presented in energy units (Joules).

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Warr, B., R. Ayres, N. Eisenmenger, F. Krausmann, H. Schandl, 2010. Energy use and economic development: A comparative analysis of useful work supply in Austria, Japan, the United Kingdom and the US during 100 years of economic growth . Ecological Economics (2010, online first; doi:10.1016/j.ecolecon.2010.03.021).

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