AI in Programming Education

June 25th 2024              2.00-4.00pm            HS outdoor Košuta

Univ.-Ass. Mag. Markus Alfred Wieser (Institute for Informatics Didactics)


Teaching programming poses significant challenges in both school and university contexts. This talk is about the potential of ChatGPT as a sustainable didactic tool to support students, freshmen, and teachers, focusing on the possibilities and problems using ChatGPT as guidance or solver in programming and the opportunities for evaluation and assessment, using ChatGPT.


Markus Wieser is a University Assistant at the Institute for Informatics Didactics at the University of Klagenfurt, and his research focuses on the use of AI systems in the didactics of programming. He studied Informatics and Mathematics for a teaching degree at the University of Klagenfurt and is now writing his PhD Thesis in Informatics Didactics titled “Learning Programming in the Dawn of AI.”